Sun Sign Astrology

Hey there – My name is Tracy Susan Atkinson, and welcome to my Astrology website.

I have been studying astrology for 15 years, and doing private reading for hundreds of clients around the world.  Since then, I’ve spent thousands of hours researching both western astrology and Vedic astrology systems.

Astrology Is More Than Your Sun Sign

Below, I’ve compiled the meanings of your Sun signs, but astrology is much more than that.  Check back for new information because soon I’ll have your Mercury, Mars and Venus signs meanings as well!


As an Aries you are the most independent, optimistic, enthusiastic, courageous and determined sign of the zodiac.

Aries is a Fire sign, and the first sign, which is why you are such a fierce competitor and a powerful force to be reckoned with.  You want to be the best at everything you do!

In fact, the more someone works to “win you over” the happier you get! You believe that anything meaningful is worth fighting for.  

Your purpose is to be a natural born leader that people look up to as living on the “front line” of life – blazing new trails like the pioneer that you are.  You are certainly not afraid to take risks!

When no one questions your authority, nothing can stop an Aries – especially when you are in charge.  And that tends to happen a lot!

Your playful and competitive spirit buzzes with excitement that spills right over into your relationships.  You have a unique ability to motivate others into taking action.

Some might say you’re self-absorbed, but that’s not true.  You just hate being gushed over and enjoy freedom and independence in your relationships.  

You will find true meaning by seeing things from other people’s point of view.  Just beware of blind spots in romance.  You tend to dive right in!

Start asserting your individual nature over the next 12 months using a unique, new “Aries only” approach.  Before long you’ll gain more respect, more achievements and more devoted followers than you ever thought possible.  


As a Taurus you are the most dependable, loyal, stable, patient and persistent sign of the zodiac.  

Taurus is an Earth sign, which is why you are deeply connected to your values.  When you are just “being yourself” you radiate with a charming charisma that others are drawn to.  

You have the steady strength of a bull that can help you push through long meticulous tasks.

You have a natural knack for managing finances.  You are resourceful at persevering through hard times.  Some might even see you as “the rock” in their lives!

Your purpose is to stabilize foundations and become a grounded tower of strength for yourself and others.  You feel increasingly powerful, the more you can provide for those you love.  

Some might say you’re lazy but that’s not true!  You just know when to conserve your energy and find real meaning in the basic pleasures of life.  

You are firm in your principles and don’t allow others to influence you.  You get frustrated when things change because once you know what you like, you like to keep it that way.  

Just beware of getting too attached!  Your purpose in life will reveal itself as you become more willing and ready to accept change.  Your best opportunities are often the most spontaneous!

Start opening yourself up to unknown possibilities in your life over the next 12 months in a reliable and new “Taurus Only” way.  You’ll find out what is REALLY valuable to you, and feel more self worth and power than you ever thought possible.


As a Gemini you are the most clever, witty, adaptable, responsive and energetic sign of the zodiac.  

Gemini is an Air sign – which is why you are so intelligent with your communication.  You are naturally in-touch with the dual nature of all things.  You have a strong need for self expression and love to make new friends.  You are very persuasive when you want to be!

You thrive on the variety of life and travel as much as possible.  You are a lot of fun to be around!  You don’t take yourself too seriously and prefer to keep things light hearted.

You are a born socialite who loves to know a little bit about a lot of people.  You are great at connecting like-minded people with each other.  You are usually the first person in a group that is willing to accept change.  

Some might say you’re superficial but that’s not true!  You just relate with people based on what they say and how they treat you, rather than “getting deep” with everyone you know.

You find meaning in all ideas, even fleeting ones you don’t always act on.  Just beware of being indecisive!  Your purpose is to spread your ideas.  This means sometimes you must pick a side so you don’t contradict yourself later!

Start exploring your ideas over the next 12 months in a new “Gemini Preferred” way.  You’ll be able to completely express yourself and explore all of your ideas while still keeping your attention, focus and energy on the important task at hand.


As a Cancer, you are the most gentle, nurturing, caring, sensitive and self-protective sign of the zodiac.

Cancer is a Water sign which is why you are so deeply in touch with your emotions.  You make those around you feel warm and safe!

You are a natural born protector.  You are loyal, compassionate, and have other people’s best interests at heart.  However, you know when to say “enough is enough.”

You feel your best when things are right at home, and your emotional bonds are strong.  Your family life is the root to your happiness. Your home is your castle!

Some might say you’re over-reactive but that’s not true!  It’s just when someone interrupts your daily “rhythm and flow” you are not afraid to show it.  You wear your heart on your sleeve and find meaning in all emotions, both positive and negative.  

Your purpose is to build up and nurture the environment for those closest to you.  You enjoy creating sentimental memories with loved ones.  Just beware of holding on to anything for too long!  Your sense of belonging  depends on your how others feel about you and sometimes you tend to withdraw.

Start cultivating a new sense of belonging over the next 12 months in a new  “Cancer Friendly” way.  You’ll find it much easier to let go of your past without feeling a sense of loss – and make room for even more significant (and safer) emotional bonds to form.  


As a Leo, you are the most radiant, dignified, expressive, warm, confident and encouraging sign of the zodiac.  

Leo is a Fire sign which is why you are so radiant in your presence.  You are a lion and people want to hear you roar!

You are a true romantic and you’re not afraid to show it.  You find meaning in nobility and living by your own “inner code” of ethics and morals.  You are confident on the surface yet surprise people by how humble you really are behind closed doors!

You are warm, charming, creative and usually the life of the party. You enjoy being in the spotlight and can hold court in front of any crowd!  You are a happy person and people love to be around you.  

Some might say you’re self-centered but that’s not true!  You simply know how to fulfill your needs and don’t apologize for doing so.  You tend to exaggerate when you are feeling insecure but are the first to blame yourself when something goes wrong.  

Your purpose is to become a guiding light for others and inspire them with your royal presence.  Just beware of excessive pride!  You are a natural born leader that other people intuitively follow.  

Start learning to honor and appreciate yourself over the next 12 months in a new “Leo Specific” way.  You’ll gain a new sense of identity based on deep inner convictions and command more respect as a leader than ever before.   


As a Virgo, you are the most helpful, intelligent, analytical, reliable, and detail-oriented sign of the zodiac.  

Virgo is an Earth sign, which is why you are such a hard worker and great with your hands! You are a critical thinker, devoted friend, and talented student of life.

You seek to improve situations, people and circumstances with your natural critical thinking skills.   You sift through life like sand on a beach, removing what’s not valuable to focus your energy on what is.  

Your purpose is to find ways to make things better by identifying what does not belong.  You find meaning in being of service to others and sometimes bend over backwards for them!  You are seen as a respectable individual with detailed knowledge for the task at hand.  

You might let people take advantage of you without realizing it just because it feels great to fulfil your duty and its easy to forget when to say “no.”  You probably end up doing chores at home when no one else does!

Some might think you’re a perfectionist but that’s not true.  You just want to make things that matter to you the best that they can be!  Just beware of being over-critical with other people – especially in your intimate relationships.  

Start being more forgiving of your mistakes over the next 12 months in new “Virgo Specific” way.  You’ll begin accepting your own faults (and the faults of others) much faster – and receive the respect and credit you deserve.  You’ll find your kind hearted and helpful nature makes you more of a positive influence than you ever imagined.  


As a Libra, you are the most charming, approachable, peaceful, graceful, and respectful sign of the zodiac.  

Libra is an Air sign which is why you strive to create balance and equilibrium.  You need harmony to be at your best.  Therefore you put a great deal of effort in not upsetting the natural order of things.  

You are a natural born diplomat.  You are great at finding a “middle ground” and understand the value of compromise.  You have a great skill for seeing what is fair, and when (and how) justice must be served.  Your purpose is to keep the peace no matter what!

You have wonderful taste and enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful things.  You love to share your tastes with your partner, yet they may not always agree.  Your relationships are  where you will find the most important and meaningful experiences in your life.  You show a genuine concern for others and expect the same in return.  

Some may say you’re indecisive but that’s not fair!  You just want to make sure you’re making the right decision before hand – and that you’re not stepping on anyone’s toes.  You want everyone to get along and may even turn a blind eye for the sake of peace.  Just beware of over compromising!  

Start creating effortless harmony in your life over the next 12 months using a few “Libra Specific” techniques.  You’ll gain a new understanding of “who you really are” outside of your relationships so that true “co-equal” peace and balance can emerge.  


As a Scorpio, you are the most intense, focused, passionate, provocative, and transformative sign of the zodiac.  

Scorpio is a Water sign, which is why you have such powerful feelings and penetrating emotions.  You might put on a thick shell and be ready with your stinger at the first sign of trouble, but underneath you are a deeply loving and loyal companion.  

You need intense emotional exchange with people and cannot stand superficial conversation for long.  You value trust as the #1 ingredient for a successful relationship.  You are a natural detective with a talent for uncovering what is hidden from you.  

You experience deep psychological transformations that change you forever.  You have nearly unlimited will power and can accomplish anything you commit yourself to.  You go 110% into everything you do!

You’ll find true meaning as you give up the illusion of having control over others – and realize that not everything is always black and white, but mostly grey.  

Some might think you’re manipulative but that’s not true!  You just need to know you can rely on someone fully before letting down your guard.  

You’re a powerful inspiration to others who find strength in your conviction.  Your purpose is to provide those you love exactly the emotional and mental support they need when they need it most.  

Start developing your emotional intelligence over the next 12 months in a new “Scorpio Only” way.  You’ll find yourself combining your natural authority with a new optimistic approach and becoming more powerful (and persuasive) than you ever imagined.  


As a Sagittarius, you are the most adventurous, optimistic, enthusiastic, honest and exciting sign of the zodiac.  

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, which is why you are so independent and always on the go!  

You are a visionary and inspire passion in others.  You are generally easy going and get along with just about everyone.  

You’re often the first to try something new.  You have the ability to follow a single task through to the end that exceeds other people.  You are idealistic but in a way that makes the world appear much brighter.  You get excited about being excited – and so does everyone around you!

You are driven by nobility of mind and intellectual achievement.  You find meaning in the truth and feel that it’s your duty to share it with the world.  Your purpose is to break new ground and seek higher knowledge to help evolve mankind.  

Some might say you’re irresponsible but that’s not true!  You just require more freedom than other people and need to escape once in a while to clear your mind.  Your visions of the future are nearly spot-on and they become extra-significant for the people in your life.  Sometimes your idealism and optimism can get you into trouble!

Start sharing your visions over the next 12 months using a new “Sagittarius Preferred” approach.  You’ll find your relationship to “truth” is relative to your beliefs, and by listening to other people’s perspectives, your point of view will not only be valued – but held in the highest regard.  


As a Capricorn you are the most wise, resourceful, practical, disciplined and respected sign of the zodiac.

Capricorn is an Earth sign, which is why you are so level-headed and keep your feet on the ground!  You are so ambitious to climb the ladder of success.  You carry a strong sense of  duty and morality when handling your responsibilities.  You know how to get things done!

You are trustworthy and loyal to the bone.  You set high expectations for yourself and others, especially in your profession.  You just hold high standards in your life and see conquering your weaknesses as a means of improving yourself. You may have a hard exterior but once you feel safe enough to bring down the walls, you’re really a soft, sensual and extremely devoted companion!

Some might say you’re too serious but that’s not true!  You just don’t waste your time with delusions or idealism.  You look for qualities you can respect in other people, especially your romantic partners.  You find meaning in tradition and take pleasure in the simple things in life.  

Just beware of ignoring your personal needs!   You tend to favor public and professional commitments over family life and this can run you down.  Your purpose is to gather resources that support your home life, not take away from it!

Start defining your goals over the next 12 months using a new “Capricorn Specific” strategy.   You’ll find it much easier to balance your personal and professional life while maintaining tradition and sticking to the tried and true.  


As an Aquarius, you are the most original, opinionated, eccentric, independent and progressive sign of the zodiac.  

Aquarius is an Air sign, which is why you are so witty, clever, and intellectual.  You have a curious and scientific mind that seeks new ways of thinking.  You enjoy things that are completely unique and have never been done before.  

Your purpose is to help people cast off old beliefs and limiting conditions through social reform.  You are a unique individual who leaves a lasting impression.  You tend to stand out in a crowd wherever you go!

You enjoy meeting people and attending social gatherings.  You find meaning in marching to the beat of your own drum and can make friends with just about anyone.  You have a special knack for creating an almost “magical atmosphere” when you are together with people.  

Some might think you’re aloof but that’s not true!  You just need a healthy distance between yourself and other people.  You might freeze up under emotional pressure and need space to get back to normal.  

You often feel uncomfortable opening up in your intimate relationships.  Just beware of becoming too distant! A wise partner will never stand in the way of you and your friends.

Start energizing your social environment over the next 12 months in a new “Aquarius Only” way.  You’ll stop feeling that nagging sense of isolation you might feel now, and finally realize you were never alone in the first place.  Brand new doors of emotional freedom will open up for you.  


As a Pisces you are the most intuitive, artistic, dreamy, creative and mystical sign of the zodiac.  

Pisces is a Water sign, which is why you have a deep soul and so much compassion for the world!  You have a sensitive spiritual nature and find great meaning behind everything you do.  You are a natural muse that inspires creativity in those around you

You are very sensitive to the feelings of others.  You have an wild and unlimited imagination that is deeply in touch with the inner beauty of all things.  You are a soft and gentle person who does not wish harm upon anyone.  

Your wisdom and insights are taken to heart as spiritual guidance by those you love.  You are tuned into a higher purpose in life and find great meaning in following your dreams.  

Some might say you act like a martyr but that’s not true!  You often put other people’s needs before yours without realizing and begin to feel like the odds are stacked against you.  Sometimes you sacrifice yourself when you don’t have to!

You find meaning in everything and tragedy pains you more than most.  You might drift off into a fantasy world just to escape what’s happening in the “real world.”  

Start making your dreams tangible over the next 12 months with a new “Pisces Preferred” methodology.  You’ll be able to set realistic expectations for yourself – keeping your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground – and draw abundance and good fortune into your life.  

Also:  There is rumor of a 13th sign.  This is bogus!  Watch this video to learn more: